The 16th ACCW Flying Tigers was open for business in July of 1998, with focus on the upcoming release of MicroProse’s Falcon 4.0®  In November 0f 1998 Falcon 4.0 released and the 16th was on it’s way.  In the early days we had 5 squadrons, HQ, 161st Gunslingers (A/A), 163rd “Mad Boomers” (A/G), 164th “Wild Weasels” (SEAD) and the 166th “Fighting Sabers” (European Multi-Specialty).    All Squadrons trained and were proficient in their respective specialties.  We grew to 8 Squadrons at the peak, as Falcon 4.0 aged we lost members to other Sims and many just to the fact that life would not allow them to remain members due to having time to participate.



In the early days we flew hardcore or super realistically and had an extensive training, points and ranks system, but as you know it really takes a lot of HQ time to admin such a system and this time takes away from flying and often the family.  The old timers grew tired of the constant admin and that is why at this time in our Wing we fly more casually and are not super strict about the little things like brevity or specific procedures and protocols.

Today many of our original members from the 98 – 2000 era are still with us, but we are a much smaller group now.  The 16th had to diversify to keep the interest of it’s membership and to compete with other Virtual Wings on the internet, so along with F4:BMS 4.32 we started allowing other Sims like IL-2 1946, DCS World Series and now ArmA III.



So if you are new to flight Sims and want to learn in a stress free environment then the 16th is for you.  Or if you are a veteran and tired of the squadrons with the strict routines and uptight personalities then the 16th would be for you.

At the end of the day we really love flying, blowing stuff up and most of all having fun!  Join us if not as part of our wing, fly with us as a visitor, we welcome all!

Laser, C/O 16th ACCW Flying Tigers