Debrief 01/29/18: MSFX World Tour:Vilankulos, Mozambique - Morombe, Madagascar

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Debrief 01/29/18: MSFX World Tour:Vilankulos, Mozambique - Morombe, Madagascar

Post by Lurch » Tue Jan 30, 2018 3:41 pm

Participating Pilots:

Lurch - F/A-18 Hornet
Vball - F/A-18 Hornet

Today, we departed from Vilankulos, Mozambique(FQVL) and flew east across the Madagascar Channel,
and landed at Morombe, Madagascar (FMSR) a 448 mile trip. We were forced to refuel the Hornets,
mid-air, approximately 40 miles offshore. We had to pause the Sim and use the Fuel/Payload Page.

We then took off on a sight seeing trip, heading south to Ihosy, Madagascar, a 104 mi trip. We
were trying to locate some National Parks but were unable.

However, while over Ihosy, we decided to crank up the Hornet and see what it could do. We went nose up and full burner. We reached an altitude of 72,000 feet. Stars and a dark sky were visible.

On the descent Lurch used up all fuel and flamed out. We were not within glide range to any airstrip. Lurch refueled again via Fuel Page. He then managed to restart the jet mid-flight at 34,000 feet and continued back to Morombe.
While a few hundred feet off the deck Lurch hit 1100 kts before having to slow down to land.

There were scattered clouds and turbulence over the channel. The region appeared to be arid plains with some small mountains. On the way back from Ihosy to Morombe, the storm was building and starting to sock in the airstrip. Both Airstrips were dirt.

Real world weather was loaded.
F18 72000ft Outside.jpg
F18 72000ft.jpg

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