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Debrief 01/08/18: MSFX World Tour: Piertermaritzburg, South Africa - Richards Bay, South Africa

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:02 pm
by Lurch
Participating Pilots:

Laser - F-35 Lightning
Lurch - F-35 Lightning
Vball - F-35 Lightning

Today, we departed from Piertermaritzburg, South Africa (FAPM) and flew to Virginia, South Africa (FAVG) about a 56 mile trip. Without landing, we vectored from Virginia and flew northeast along the coast of the Indian Ocean to Richards Bay, South Africa (FARB) a 104 mile trip. The region appeared to be arid plains with some small mountains.

Real world weather was loaded.
F35s Gas.jpg
Lightnings at the watering hole