NOTAM : Mission #40 - Wed 12/26/18

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NOTAM : Mission #40 - Wed 12/26/18

Post by Lurch » Tue Dec 25, 2018 9:03 pm

All Pilots. The next Campaign mission will make use of the Panavia Tornado IDS. After considerable research, there are only a few aircraft in BMS, which are TASMO AND/OR SEAD Capable:
F-18 Hornet (No targeting POD)
Tornado TASMO (with Targeting POD)

There are two mission versions:
Mission 40: All Tornados doing TASMO and no SEAD. ( not advisable)
Mission 40A: 6-ship Tornados (TASMO) & 2-Ship F-16's (SEAD)

The only aircraft near the target area, that is TASMO capable, with a targeting Pod, is the Tornado.The Tornado uses the AS-34 Anti-Ship missle, with a range of 23 miles and each has to be powered on separately.

This mission will also require a SEAD flight of F-16's.

The Tornado's will depart Goia del Colle AB (9th Squadron)

The F-16's will have to depart nearby Palese AB (55th Squadron)

Make sure you select the correct Squadron before entering the Campaign.

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