Training Mission: Sunday; 11:00am EST 12/03/17

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Training Mission: Sunday; 11:00am EST 12/03/17

Post by Lurch » Thu Nov 30, 2017 10:23 pm

A training mission will be conducted Sunday morning. The Mission Details of the TE have been uploaded to the BMS file Browser. It is a 1 page Word Doc and the contents are listed below. Some research will be necessary, so Please Read the Mission Details:

Navigation Training Mission

The purpose of the mission is to practice TACAN Navigation, Unplanned Steer Point Navigation and unscheduled Refueling Stops.

-We will fly from Kadena AB to Pusan AB using TACAN Navigation,

-overflying Pusan and on to Kumi Airstrip using Lat/Long coordinates, entered in-Flight.

-We’ll land at Kumi, refuel, take off and fly to Kunsan, using TACAN.

The other purpose of the mission is to make the pilot know where to find the navigation info, TACAN Channels, Range, Lat/Long Coords , UHF frequencies and Airport Maps and have the info AT-Hand, either in a print-out or on another device.

It Will Be Up To The Pilot to Have The Info Printed Out/ At-Hand.

Currently on the BMS Browser is a color map of South Korea, listing All Airbases and Airstrips, along with the TACAN Channels (if used) and Comm Frequencies to the Towers. Airstrips do not have their own TACAN Stations. Therefore radials from an Airbase can be used.

Also on the file Browser is an Excel Spreadsheet listing all TACAN Channels, Comms Frequencies and LAT/Long Coordinates in List Form.

There are also various sources in Falcon BMS Docs\ in Airport Approach & Navigation Charts

The Mission

The Mission starts at Kadena Airbase (aka Fukuoka AB). There will be no A-A Weapons.
We will depart with no steer points loaded.

We will fly a radial of 286 degrees out of Kadena using the TACAN for Kadena. The 286 Deg is an approximate Heading.

When we get to approximately 75 miles from Kadena, we will switch to Pusan AB Tacan, using the same radial of 286 degrees.

When we reach a DME of 000 miles (over Pusan), we will turn to a heading out of Pusan of 317 degrees.
We will then enter Lat/Lon coordinates for Kumi Airstrip into the Destination Page and a random steer point of #50.

We will then enter the UHF frequency for Kumi, land and get gas.

All Landings will use a basic approach of flying across the center of the runway in a 1-mile trail, make a gradual right turn onto a Downwind, continue to a 2 mile DME, Turn onto a Base Leg and Land.

We will then take off and enter TACAN for Kunsan and fly a radial of 262 deg, to Kunsan.
At Kunsan we will land and end the Mission.

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Re: Training Mission: Sunday; 11:00am EST 12/03/17

Post by Wayc00lio » Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:29 am

Sounds good Lurch.


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