VFA-113 looking for Combined Arms SAM operators

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VFA-113 looking for Combined Arms SAM operators

Post by JAR » Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:22 am

OK, I have posted this at the Multiplayer forum but thought that it might get missed by the CA crew so here it is repeated :):


This is a call to arms for anyone who enjoys driving the SA-13 'GOPHER' SAM unit in Combined Arms.
We will be hosting an F/A-18C strike mission and are looking for players to join as 'RED' enemy SAM units to protect the SAU MSTA artillery batteries in the city of Novorossisysk.

We will be starting the mission at around 6.30 PDT but our actual time on target will be closer to 7pm PDT (USA West Coast time).

Players are welcome to come and go from the server as they please and select a RED JTAC role. Using the F10 map you will be able so see the drive able SA-13/Shilka units as well as the SAU MSTA arty sites.

Flights of Stinger F/A-18C Hornets will arrive overhead and begin conducting bombing runs on the Arty sites.
SA-13 crews will be able to shoot down the attacking aircraft with relative ease once positioned well.
Hornet aircrews that are unfortunate enough to get shot down will respawn and return to the fight.

The Hornets have 45 minutes before the Arty opens fire on US Forces that have seized the airfield to the south.
It is not recommended that RED vehicle crews attempt to approach the airfield as it is defended by M1A2 Abrams MBTs.

This is designed to be as much fun as possible for both sides and all players are most welcome to participate.

I have created a MGRS printable A4 PDF map for Novorossisysk which you can download by clicking on this image:


I have included the U-2 image that VFA-113 will use to locate the Artillery sites:


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