BMS Multi-Player SOP


We are calling this SOP “Online Etiquette” because, when you fly, we want your first and foremost thoughts to be about you and your fellow pilots game experience.  We want to ensure a quick Briefing and Entrance into the Campaign Mission with out any errors. Like flying in real life, there is always a “Check List” to follow. This document will be your check list. In the end these rules will increase your time in the air with less time in the briefing and more enjoyment for all online pilots.


  1. On 16th Flight Nights, BE ON TIME.
  2. ALWAYS Preflight your aircraft before joining the online mission. (Make a Checklist if necessary, see example below)
    • __ HOTAS is functional.
    • __ Track IR loaded and functional.
    • __ Helios / MFD Extractor loaded and functional.
    • __ VAC, FRAPS, Shadow Play, etc.

           NOTE: Once all is loaded, you can verify that everything works in an Instant Action mission or TE.

  1. Once in the “Mission Schedule”, try to keep the chit chat to a minimum, stay focused and “put your mind in the game”


Currently the 16th ACCW is running an “Online” server for all designated “Flight Nights”.  In all missions, the clock will run and will not be stopped; we found that stopping the clock causes various multi-play connection issues.

The designated “Mission Commander/Builder” will select the target/s and build the mission for the number of pilots present for “16th Flight Night”.  (Note: the Builder should study the online server map and have an idea of what he going to do before logging in, to reduce Mission Building time.)  If a pilot is expecting another member or two to show before briefing/takeoff he can add an “AI” slot for that person as well. The mission will be built while the clock is running, “Falcon Online” Style.



This information can be assumed and will always be the same, so there is no need to waste time briefing this information.

  1. UHF-15 Will always be set for “TOWER”.
  2. UHF-6 Will always be set for “GUARD”
  3. VHF-Channel Will always be determined by your flights position in the UI “Briefing” screen.
    • VHF-1, First Flight
    • VHF-2, Second Flight
    • VHF-3, Third Flight

   If two Packages are flying, they will use VHF-11, VHF-12 and VHF-13.

  1. AA/TR Channels will also be set by the UI “Briefing” screen.
    • Channel 1Y for lead of the first flight.
      1. 63Y for wingmen
    • Channel 2Y for lead of the second flight.
      1. 64Y for wingmen
    • Channel 3Y for lead of the third flight
      1. 65Y for wingmen
    • There will be more standards as we determine what is needed. i.e. Ramp, Taxi, Takeoff & Landing operations, In flight Comms, etc. We believe this standardization will increase reliability of the multi-player environment.


  1. Once the mission is built and tasked, the flights should go to a separate TS channels and brief quickly. Try to keep the briefing under 10 minutes.
  2. Only one pilot can be in the “Weapons Loadout” screen at a time, the preference is that only the Flight Leads should set the loadout. The loadouts for all wingmen should be the same, to keep fuel consumption similar between ships and this will also help with formation join up/flying. Exceptions can be made at Flight Leads discretion.
  3. Some of the things that could be briefed:
    • Weather
    • Area Threats
    • Assign Targets to wingmen
    • Ingress / Egress
  4. Once briefed, rejoin the Package TS Channel “Flight”.
  5. Package lead will brief the whole package on any particulars that need to be addressed.
  6. Once all are briefed the Mission Builder will set the package takeoff time for RAMP or TAXI whichever was decided upon by the group.